What Is the American Numismatic Association (ANA)?

The American Numismatic Association (ANA) is a global hub for coin enthusiasts. Founded in 1891, it’s grown from a small group into a leading institution, headquartered in Colorado Springs, hosting the largest numismatic library and money museum. With over 25,000 members, the ANA offers various levels of membership, online courses, summer seminars, and a wealth of coin-related literature. They run high-profile events and scholarships for budding numismatists. Digging deeper into the ANA’s rich offerings could unlock a treasure trove of numismatic knowledge.

ANAs History and Headquarters

Did you know that the American Numismatic Association, known as ANA, was established by Dr. George F. Heath in 1891 with a mission to enhance numismatic knowledge? Dr. Heath, a visionary, saw the need for an ‘alliance of kindred pursuits’, a place where coin enthusiasts could come together to share and grow their passion. This passion has seen ANA evolve from a small gathering of coin collectors to a prominent association with members from around the world.

In 1967, ANA settled into its national headquarters in Colorado Springs. Here, they’ve housed the world’s largest numismatic library and established the ANA Money Museum, featuring over 250,000 numismatic objects. The museum itself is a testament to the love and dedication ANA members have for numismatics.

The ANA also hosts the National Money Show and the World’s Fair of Money, annual events where coin aficionados can display their collections and learn from each other. These events are a significant part of the ANA’s mission of advancing numismatic knowledge, reinforcing the bond among its members, and promoting the joy of coin collecting. It’s clear to see the impact Dr. George F. Heath’s vision continues to have on the world of numismatics.

Membership and Learning Opportunities

While the ANA’s history and headquarters are impressive, what truly makes it stand out is its extensive membership and the wealth of learning opportunities it provides. The American Numismatic Association boasts over 25,000 members worldwide and offers various membership levels. Depending on the level, you can enjoy discounts on books and supplies.

One of the key benefits of ANA membership is access to an array of educational resources. You can access online courses, summer seminars, and a library with a vast collection of numismatic literature. These resources provide immense learning opportunities to enrich your knowledge.

If you’re a young numismatist, ANA has got you covered. They offer scholarships and mentorship programs specifically designed for young enthusiasts eager to learn about numismatics. These programs not only provide financial aid but also pair you with an experienced numismatist who can guide you through your learning journey.

Furthermore, ANA hosts events such as the World’s Fair of Money, National Money Show, and ANA Summer Seminar. These events offer unique opportunities to meet other numismatists, learn from experts, and expand your knowledge. So, become a member today and take advantage of these great benefits!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Benefits of Joining the American Numismatic Association?

You’ll gain access to educational resources, networking opportunities, and exclusive benefits such as discounts and specialized events by joining the American Numismatic Association. It’s a supportive community for those passionate about coins, currency, medals, and tokens.

How Many Members Are in the American Numismatic Association?

You’re inquiring about the membership size of the American Numismatic Association. It’s a substantial group, boasting nearly 24,000 individual members, with various membership levels and durations available to suit diverse needs and interests.

What Is the Biggest Coin Show in the United States?

You’re asking about the biggest coin show in the U.S. That’s the annual Worlds Fair of Money, where collectors worldwide gather to buy, sell, and learn about rare coins. It’s a unique, premier numismatic event.

Where Is the American Numismatic Association Located?

You’re asking about the location of the American Numismatic Association. It’s situated at 818 North Cascade Avenue in Colorado Springs. Here, you’ll find the largest numismatic library worldwide and the ANA Money Museum.


In conclusion, if you’re a coin enthusiast, the American Numismatic Association is your go-to resource. You can deepen your knowledge, connect with fellow numismatists, and even add to your collection. Their impressive history and vast learning opportunities make it a valuable asset.

So, why wait? Become a member today and step into a world of numismatic exploration. The ANA is ready to welcome you into its fold.

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