Silverpicker Search: The World’s First Search Engine for Numismatists, by Numismatists

As I’m sure you’re aware, the web today is replete with misinformation, bad advice, and opportunistic scammers looking to take advantage.

This is true in all industries and niches, but particularly so in the world of numismatics and precious metals, where it’s especially easy to sell unsuspecting people down the river.

With so much bad content out there, I’ve found that a simple Google search can’t always get you the trustworthy information you need to make good investing or collecting decisions.

And so I’m proud to announce the first-ever search engine for numismatists, precious metals investors, and silver stackers: Silverpicker Search

Featuring content from only the sources I would trust and use myself, you’ll never fall prey to the charlatans again.

Check it out above!

Sources for Silverpicker Search

Below are the sources currently pulled from in Silverpicker Search. Think I’m missing something? Contact me here.

  1. NGC
  2. Augusta Precious Metals
  3. The Silverpicker Official Instagram
  4. The Silverpicker Official Youtube
  5. The US Mint
  6. Apmex
  7. Silverpicker Amazon Store
  8. Reddit Coin Collecting Subreddit
  9. Mint Error News
  10. The Grey Sheet
  11. Kitco
  12. District Marketplace
  13. Heritage Auctions
  14. American Numismatic Association
  15. PCGS
  16. Coin Auctions Help
  17. Coin Talk
  19. The Royal Mint
  20. Canadian Mint
  21. SD Bullion
  22. JM Bullion
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