How Much are Susan B. Anthony Dollars Worth?

Quick Answer: How Much are Susan B. Anthony Dollars Worth?

While most are worth $1, rare varieties like the 1979-P Wide Rim can command over $6,000, and proof coins like the 1979-S and 1981-S Type 2 can range from $1955 to potentially higher, depending on their condition and market demand.

The Susan B. Anthony Dollar, often abbreviated as the SBA dollar, holds a unique spot in American coinage history. For those of us who’ve stumbled upon them in our change or saved them from childhood, the question is clear: How much are these coins worth? Are they among the most valuable coins?

Let’s take a look. 

What are Susan B. Anthony Dollars?

These coins were minted by the United States from 1979 to 1981, with an unexpected minting once again in 1999. While they’re not a regular sight in daily transactions today, their actual value can sometimes surpass the mere dollar they represent, especially for the keen-eyed collector.

The Susan B. Anthony dollar was the first instance in U.S. history where a real-life woman was depicted on a circulating coin. Before this, only allegorical figures like Lady Liberty had that honor. Susan B. Anthony’s portrait, a tribute to her relentless fight for women’s rights, was crafted by Frank Gasparro, the Chief Engraver of the United States Mint at the time. His intricate design can be recognized by his initials on the obverse, near the lower right side of Anthony’s portrait.

Why Didn’t the Coin Gain Popularity?

So, given its significance, why didn’t this coin flourish in the U.S. market? 

In short, the size and color of the coin were so similar to a quarter that it led to frequent mix-ups. As a result, its use diminished over time, with a halt in production in 1981. However, in 1999, they made a reappearance as change in postage stamp and subway token vending machines. 

Value Determinants: Rarity and Condition

The general market has seen limited interest in the SBA dollar, primarily because of the short minting period. However, the allure for coin collectors is its rarities. While condition (wear and tear) plays a part in the coin’s value, it is the rare varieties, resulting from different dye use during the minting process, that hold the key to its worth.

There are several rare varieties, such as:

1979-P Wide Rim Variety

Identified by the closeness of the date to the rim.

Susan B. Anthony Dollar 1979-P Wide Rim

1979-S Proof Type 2 (clear “S” mintmark)

This clear ‘S’ is distinct from the filled ‘S’ found in the Type 1 version.

1979-S Proof Type 2

1981-S Proof Type 2 (flat “S” mintmark)

As with the 1979-S, the distinguishing factor here is the mint mark.

1981-S Proof Type 2 (flat "S" mintmark)

Notably, the last two are proof coins – made especially for collectors and boasting a mirrored finish. That means that you’re much more likely to find the first two types of SBA dollars in circulation.

Are Susan b. Anthony Dollars Worth Anything?

So let’s say you’ve got your hands on a 1979-S Proof Type 2 (clear “S” mintmark) coin. Good news (assuming it’s in perfect condition)! You’ve just made $1955 – not bad!

How Much are Susan B Anthony Dollars Worth?

And what about a 1981-S Proof Type 2 (flat “S” mintmark) coin? Even more!

Now we’re cooking with oil. But we ain’t done yet. 

Your 1979-P Wide Rim Variety could get you over $6,000…

Pretty great for a coin your grandmother picked out of a vending machine!

And while the examples above are in near perfect condition, you’ll still be able to get a decent return on your investment, whatever the condition of your coin. 

Unusual Finds and Auctions

Beyond the standard circulation and rare varieties, there are some anomalies in the SBA series that are worth noting:

Transition Year Errors

In the crossover year between the SBA dollar and its successor, the Sacagawea dollar, a few coins were mistakenly minted on the wrong blanks. A Sacagawea design imprinted on an SBA blank fetched a remarkable $12,075 at auction.

Susan B Anthony Transition Year error

SBA on Sacagawea Blank 

The opposite, an SBA design on a Sacagawea blank, is also a rarity to watch out for, as they too have been known to command high prices – just take a look at the one below!

How Much is a Susan B. Anthony Dollar Worth Today?

Based on current information, here’s what Susan B. Anthony could be worth:

Date & MintCirc. BuyCirc. SellUnc. BuyUnc. Sell
1979-P Wide Rim$10.00$6.00$30.00$22.00
1979-S Type 1 Proof$8.00$6.30
1979-S Type 2 Proof *$69.00$52.00
1980-S Proof$5.00$3.00
1981-S Type 1 Proof$7.00$5.00
1981-S Type 2 Proof *$200.00$175.00
1999-P Proof$20.00$16.50
Complete Date-Mint Set Total Coins: 11$20.00$15.00$60.00$45.00
Complete Date-Mint Set With Proof and Varieties Total Coins: 18$350.00$300.00
Complete Date Set Total Coins: 4$8.00$4.00$15.00$10.00

Where to Buy Susan B. Anthony Dollars

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Getting Value From Susan B. Anthony Dollars

The SBA dollar serves as a testament to Susan B. Anthony’s legacy and stands as an example of the ever-evolving journey of U.S. coinage. While most SBA dollars in circulation might fetch only their face value, a few rare gems are worth significantly more. So, the next time you stumble upon an SBA dollar, take a moment to examine it – it might be worth some serious money.

Are any Susan B Anthony dollars worth anything?

The Susan B. Anthony dollar, due to its limited circulation, is frequently found in uncirculated condition and often holds a value just slightly more than its face value. Certain varieties distinguished by their date and mint mark are more valuable. Notably, the 1981 issues, which were released exclusively to collectors, hold a higher value compared to other circulating strikes in the series.

How rare is a 1980 Susan B Anthony dollar?

The 1980-D Susan B. Anthony Dollars are among the more prevalent coins in their series. They can be easily acquired in conditions up to MS66 grade. However, at the MS67 grade, they start to become rare.

What is the rarest gold coin in the world?

The 1933 Double Eagle, known as the rarest and most valuable gold coin globally, was designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. It features an image of Lady Liberty on the front and a depiction of an eagle in mid-flight on the back. This information was updated as of January 6, 2023.

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