How I Got Free Fractional 24K Gold Bullion (and how you can too)

I already know that the majority of you who clicked on this article are skeptical. You know that nobody offers free money for nothing, right? And since gold is money, you assume that no one would be offering you free gold, right? However, you decided to click on this article in the off chance that it’s a legit offer. Well, you’re in luck, because against all odds, this is 100% legit.

What are Goldbacks?

Goldback Inc, an innovative company out of Utah is indeed offering the general public a small fractional piece of gold shipped to your door absolutely free of charge.

Goldback Inc is the creator of a groundbreaking voluntary, local currency made out of physical 24k gold. That’s right, it is made out of gold. It’s not backed by gold, but instead has a gold back (and front for that matter!).

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. First off, what on earth is a voluntary, local currency? Essentially it is a form of money that was created for use locally and has an agreed upon value by those people and businesses who agree to accept it as payment for goods and services. In the case of Goldbacks, they were created to be used in Utah, but according to Goldback Inc’s website, they can be used legally anywhere in the US (and maybe even beyond!).

This is exactly why Goldbacks are so revolutionary. They are not just another example of gold bullion, intended only to be stored in a vault. Instead, Goldbacks are a gold currency that is intended to be spent on goods and services. It’s actual gold that you can spend.

Before Goldbacks came along, technology did not exist to make gold coins or bills that are both small and practical to use. Using gold to buy small-ticket items was just not practical because you would likely lose a .50 gold nugget before you made it to the store to spend. Goldback uses a patented technology to create a very thin layer of gold laminated in plastic that allows you to spend it in small increments just like you would any other modern currency.

When I first heard of Goldbacks, I thought it was cool, but that it was just a novelty. I thought, you can say “it’s money” all you want, but whose really going to accept it? Then I saw their list of business that accept Goldbacks as payment and I was instantly converted. Law firms, dental practices, and even car dealerships in Utah are accepting Goldbacks as payment.

That is why this gold “bullion” product is different. It’s not just for precious metal stackers, but rather, is for people who are passionate about precious metals once again becoming a normative part of the economy and everyday commerce.

Aside from the revolutionary nature of Goldbacks, they are also amazingly beautiful. Each denomination, ranging from 1/1000th of a Troy ounce to 1/20th of a Troy ounce, features original art that is packed with symbolism and beauty of Utah. And that’s just on the front! The reverse side of the Goldback is literally that–gold backed! It features a gorgeous negative image of the front side of the bill but in gold.

The reverse’s negative image is not just beautiful, but it’s also functional, as it serves as one of many anti-counterfeiting measures. In addition to the gold backing, the notes also employ several government-grade anti-counterfeiting measures as well.

How do I Buy Goldbacks?

So, the million dollar (Goldback?) question: how can you get your very own Goldbacks? Well, there are three sources:,, and All of these options are excellent, but at if you sign up for an account at, they will send you your first Goldback note absolutely free! That means they will literally give you 1/1000th of an ounce of real gold bullion for no money, no questions asked.

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you decide to jump head first into this new revolution or just grab yourself a free bit of gold, you should definitely keep an eye out for Goldbacks.

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