Fancy Serial Numbers: Valuable Dollar Bills Hiding in Your Wallet

So you get a few bucks back in change and you think nothing of it, so you spend it the next day. Had you been a numismatist (coin collector) you’d know that you have got a fancy serial number banknote on your hands worth thousands.


Yes, you can make tons of money taking regular dollar bills with fancy serial numbers out of circulation—and I’m gonna show you how!


What is a fancy serial number? A fancy serial number describes a banknote with, well, a fancy serial number. “Fancy” usually denotes a pattern. For example, a “ladder” fancy serial number would be 12345678. A “radar” would be 25799752 (can be read both forwards and backwards). In the video below, I will teach you all of the ins and outs of this segment of numismatics!

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