Biggest Silver Bullion Giveaway on YouTube!

I’m crazy. Yep, that’s the long and the short of it. I’m certifiable. I will be giving my YouTube subscribers 52 Troy Ounces of silver in 2020!


In all seriousness, 2019 was such an amazing year for my YouTube channel that I wanted to find a way to both continue that growth as well as reward my loyal fans for sticking with me. This year-long giveaway is my way of doing that.


Essentially, I have decided to give away a .999 fine silver bar, round, or coin to a different viewer every single week. In each of my weekly videos I will issue a simple challenge that will help grow my channel in some way, and anyone who participates will be entered to win that week’s prize. In the following week’s video, I will announce the previous week’s winner and issue the next challenge!


There is no cost of entry, the prize will be shipped at no cost to the winner, the contest is open to anyone in the world over 13 years old and the contest is, of course, in line with all of YouTube’s Community Guidelines.


So that’s about it. Check out the kick off video below and see how you can win the first week’s prize (spoiler alert, it’s a 2020 Krugerrand).


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(it's the same thing, but you get a thank you from me!)

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