Who is the Silverpicker?

Although my real name is Max Hockley, most people know me from my YouTube channel as “Silverpicker.” I took my first job in the precious metals industry in high school, working for a small business that sold tools and supplies for jewelers. After becoming familiar with the various basic tools, I began learning about the different processes and machinery involved in making jewelry and refining precious metals.

During college I bought and sold coins and jewelry on a small scale and made great money. I worked just a few hours a week and made significantly more than my friends who worked full-time jobs at the local pizza shop or bar. Upon graduating college, I took my business to the next level: in addition to a number of other entrepreneurial ventures, I began picking full time. Although I did not plan on being a full-time picker for the rest of my life, I was very happy to be doing it for a time and was ecstatic about earning a comfortable living.

I have grown my business to the point that I don’t need to go to garage sales anymore in order to build my inventory. People around town know that I am a “coin and jewelry guy,” so I get many, many referrals. If you are honest with your customers and treat them well, they will become your best promoters.

I cannot by any means guarantee you my level of success in this business. I can, however, guarantee that if you put in the time and effort to learn the business and you get out there and put in the required legwork, you will make money and you will be successful.

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