Silver Scrap & Bullion Value Calculator

Got some coins or bullion you think are worth their weight in silver? Find out with this handy silver scrap and bullion value calculator.

To determine the value of your silver items, all you need are the total weight of the item and the purity of the silver. Enter those details in the calculator below to determine the value of your item based on the current spot price of silver.

It is of course important to note that the value of your item may exceed the silver melt value listed below due to rarity, collectability or other factors of demand, but it will never be worth less.

If you need help determining the purity or authenticity of your silver, check out the video at the end of this post.

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Notes on calculator

  • Calculator API from
  • Results are rounded to the nearest cent
  • Value of items only include the silver value and doesn’t include the value of any other metals in the alloy
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