10 Gifts to Buy for Coin Collectors this Holiday Season

Every year it seems to get harder and harder to find great gifts for your loved ones because they seem to already have everything, right? Well, even if that’s not exactly the case, if you have a coin collector in your life this list will help you find the perfect gift to make him or her jump with joy this holiday season.

1. Silverpicker Merch

Well I can’t help it, I gotta plug my own stuff here, right?! I have a super cool tee-shirt and hoodie design that any coin collector would absolutely love. Coin collectors have their own language and this shirt serves as almost a secret message alerting other coin collectors that you are a numismatist too! Obverse and Reverse are the numismatic terms for the front and back of a coin. Grab yourself a tee or hoodie and be the envy of your coin club or coin convention!

2. Coin Books

I cannot stress enough how useful having real reference books at your disposal is. The internet is great and websites like Numista.com are fantastic, but having a real book with vetted info at your fingertips is so fantastic. Here are the books that every coin collector should have in their library.

3. Coin Grab Bags

If you are wondering what the ultimate surprise is for a coin collector it is to buy them a grab bag full of coins. Most of the ones available on eBay are scams, but I have had a ton of luck buying them from a small mom and pop shop in Connecticut that ships worldwide! Check them out at Main Street Rare Coins. Give them a call (yes on the phone) and tell them Silverpicker sent you to get the best deal!

4. Coin Authentication Tools

When you get into coin collecting, one of the most devastating things that can happen to you is that you get defrauded and end up buying fake silver or gold coins. These tools can help you determine whether the coin you just bought (or better yet, are about to buy) is authentic or not. The basic tools are a Jeweler’s Scale, Jeweler’s Loupe, Neodymium Magnets, and a Digital Caliper. These will pay for themselves many times over.

5. Five Troy Ounces of Silver at Spot!

This is a slam dunk of a gift idea. What does every silver stacker or coin collector want? More silver! I teamed up with SDBullion.com in a previous video in which I interviewed the founder and a precious metals expert on all things silver. They have a deal that you can buy your first 5 ounces of silver at spot if you use my link. Enjoy! https://sdbullion.com/silverpicker

6. Coin Storage Supplies

Plain and simple: you can never have enough coin tubes or 2×2 flips to store coins. This is easily the best stocking stuffer you can give to a coin collector!

7. Coin Albums

While on the topic of coin collecting supplies, Coin Albums are an amazing gift because it not only allows your coin collecting friend or family member to protect and display their collection, but it can inspire them to start collecting a whole different series! I highly, highly recommend new collectors getting a U.S. Type Set Album to start. Other good options include Morgan Dollars and Bank Note Albums.

8. Gift Cars to Local Coin Stores

I don’t think I can emphasize it enough how crucial the role of the local coin store is in growing in the hobby of coin collecting. Coin collecting requires patience and the desire to learn. What better way to learn than from an expert neighbor. That’s what your local coin store is. Support them by purchasing store credit or gift cards for your loved ones.

9. Coin Microscope

This is a gift specifically for those coin collectors that are really into coin roll hunting and finding errors and varieties. Having a digital coin microscope will make getting into this super interesting side of the hobby so much easier and more fun. It’s almost 2020 – things like this are inexpensive now. Treat yourself to this awesome piece of technology!

If you want to see some of these gifts in action and to learn more about MYSTERY ITEM #10, check out this video below!

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